List of Math Appendices

Appendix Type Class
Budget Constraint for n Goods Math/Economics 1.2 class
Material on Preferences Math/Economics 1.3 class
Steepness & Indifference Curves For Neutrals Math/Economics 1.3 class
Derivation of MRS Equation (as ratio of marginal utilities) Proof 1.3 class
Utility Functions and PMTs Math 1.3 class
Graphing Indifference Curves Math 1.3 class
Utility Functions for Perfect Substitutes Math 1.3 class
Utility Functions for Perfect Complements Math 1.3 class
Cobb-Douglas Functions Math 1.3 class
Example Demand Functions Math 1.6 class
Example Applications of Consumer Theory Models Applications 1.7 class
Derivation of MRTS Equation (as ratio of marginal products) Proof 2.2 class
Solving the Firm’s Problem in One Step Math 2.2 class
The Geometry of Short-Run Production Math/Economics 2.2 class
The Relationship Between Marginal and Average Math/Economics 2.2 class
A Change in Relative Factor Prices Applications 2.3 class
Improvements in Technology Applications 2.3 class