This page contains all of the following resources for each class meeting:

  • Content materials contains suggested readings, more details about assignments, math appendices, and other helpful resources. I suggest you view these before each class.
  • Slides directly link to the “Xaringan” presentations in html that can be opened in any browser (You can find a downloadable PDF in each respective content page)
  • Assignments are listed with due dates

Please note that the lesson numbers, topics, and titles (e.g. 1.1) are my design, and do not match up with the textbook!

Relevant materials, if applicable will be posted before class meets and become colored links.

Fundamentals of Economic Development Content Slides Assignment
1.1 — The Big Questions
1.2 — Measuring Development
1.3 — Why Development Matters
1.4 — Can We Plan an Economy?
1.5 — The Socialist Calculation Debate
Models of Economic Development Content Slides Assignment
2.1 — The Microeconomics of Development I: Division of Labor
2.2 — The Microeconomics of Development II: Markets & Prices
2.3 — The Macroeconomics of Development I: Classical Growth Theory
2.4 — The Macroeconomics of Development II: Exogenous Growth Theory
2.5 — The Macroeconomics of Development III: Endogenous Growth Theory
Policies & Exogenous Factors
3.1 — Foreign Aid I: Growth Regressions, Program Evaluation & Aid Theory
3.2 — Foreign Aid II: How Effective Is/Was Aid?
3.3 — Geography I: the Diamond Hypothesis
3.4 — Geography II: The Curse of Resources & the Reversal of Fortune
Short Paper 1 due Thurs Oct 28
Institutions and Political Economy Content Slides Assignment
4.1 — Introduction to Political Economy
4.2 — The Pre-modern Malthusian Economy
4.3 — Limited Access Orders & The Natural State
4.4 — Selectorate Model & The Violence Trap
Escaping the Malthusian Trap & the Road to the Industrial Revolution Content Slides Assignment
5.1 — Feudalism
5.2 — Escaping Feudalism, and Mercantilism
5.3 — Origins of Liberal Democracy in Western Europe
Short Paper 2 due Mon Dec 6
Country Profile due Dec 2
Final Exam due Tues Dec 14